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Arcade Sports is a category in our database, which includes all machines related to sports and competitions. It is a part of the large Arcade and Variety group, making up more than 2% of games in this grouping. There are about twenty releases in this category, and they represent more than 7% of all constituents in the smaller Arcade Games subgroup. Arcade Sports variations have been developed by many reputable studios, and such popular software providers as Net Entertainment, Playtech, and Amaya are among them.

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As it is a mixed class, Arcade Sports alterations vary significantly. There are machines of different sports, including darts, bowling, and boxing in our database. They can be either of virtual or emulator type, and there is a different number of possible actions that players can do.


In addition to that, the size of payouts can vary, essentially, you have an opportunity to win from x12 to x100,00 credits per round. There are also emulators, released by Playtech, that offer a progressive jackpot as the maximum win. You can enjoy any machine in this category for free or for real money if you choose to play it in one of the reviewed casinos. The list of such operators can be found at our website.


General Rules and Instructions


Rules are extremely simple, as the only thing you should do is to place one or more bets, trying to guess the winner or a certain action that is to be done during the round. For example, you should decide how many skittles will be hit. Once you put a stake, press the “Play” button and enjoy the game. You win if your guess was the right one, and the payout will be given according to the paytable.


Types of Arcade Sports Machines


There are different kinds of Arcade Sports in our collection, and their features, bets, and payouts depend mainly on the theme. Thus, we will tell you more about kinds of sport that you can find in this category:

  • Boxing (you are to guess the punch the boxer misses);

  • Bowling (your task is to choose the right number of hit skittles);

  • Football (the majority of emulators of this kind offer players to guess whether the penalty will be scored or who will do this. However, some of them give an opportunity to place a bet on the winning team);

  • Darts (your payout depends on the quality of the throw (how close it is to the center) or the total number of points you score;

  • Horses (you can bet on the winner of the race);

  • Racing (races in which different animals take part, and your goal is to guess who will be the winner);

  • Tennis (you can try to guess the winner of the match, the one who will score the most points in a certain set or the outcome of the game).


KeyToCasino Summary

This category is a collection of different virtual sports machines and emulators, which are quite popular with players. One has an opportunity to try his or her intuition and watch a favorite sport. There are different types of bets, various payouts, and RTP percentage, so that this category is always enjoyable to play. If you are interested in the bigger number of games, which do not require any particular skills, we recommend trying Arcade Machines  group.